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Intervention can save a lifeAn intervention is a way of helping a friend, family member, or coworker realize they have a serious problem. Most interventions have to do with drug addiction or alcoholism, but they can be conducted for any kind of self-destructive behavior. Generally, they are carried out after all other avenues have been exhausted. The goal of an intervention is to persuade an individual (whether an adult or a child) to recognize the problem and accept assistance for whatever issue(s) they are struggling with. If you need details, or help, please call (800) 847-0544 to speak with a trained professional.

Because every situation is different, each intervention is different. Crisis interventions occur in extreme situations where an individual is exhibiting behavior that places him or her (and possibly other people) in danger. Behavioral interventions attempt to change certain unhealthy behavior(s). Some interventions even require the friends and family to change their behavior towards the individual and their addiction. To maximize the chances of success, an intervention must consist of a group of people that care about the individual and are capable of conducting the intervention in a loving, non-judgmental manner. It is strongly recommended to have a professional present to conduct the intervention. It is possible to do a successful intervention without professional assistance, but the services that can be provided by a skilled interventionist are not to be overlooked.

Preparing for an intervention includes:

  • Discussion and agreement on what details need to be addressed during the intervention
  • Deciding who should be included in the actual intervention
  • Educating those involved on the intervention issue and any other related subjects
  • Choosing treatment method(s) for the individual
  • Finalizing the intervention plan
  • Following through with the intervention

An intervention is not a confrontation. It is an effective way to improve the lives of troubled individuals and the people that care about them. An early intervention is the best, due to the fact that many issues (especially drug and alcohol abuse) worsen with time.

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